In partnership with school districts across the country, The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (MHOF) provides Music Education District Support Services (MEDSS) to enhance and sustain quality, sequential music education programs in their schools. Current MEDSS Partner Districts: Aiken County Public Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Boston Public Schools, District of Columbia Public Schools, Houston Independent School District, Los Angeles Unified School District, Metro Nashville Public Schools, New York City Department of Education, San Diego Unified School District, and San Francisco Unified School District.

MEDSS provides a deeper understanding of:
  • the current state of music education at every school throughout the district
  • which schools need support
  • gaps in equitable and sequential K – 12 class offerings
  • what types of support would make the greatest impact for students
  • current and potential challenges

In response to the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ARP ESSER), MHOF is offering complimentary MEDSS services to qualifying school districts nationwide.
When using MEDSS data-driven results, districts can make well-informed decisions as to how to invest ESSER funds so that all students have access to quality, sequential music education programming.

MEDSS services include:
Program Audit

The Program Audit provides a detailed assessment of K–12 in-school music education identifying trends and key findings district-wide, within feeder patterns serving specific communities within the district and at each school campus. The audit evaluates music education accessibility for all students with a focus on identifying access barriers for students of color, English Language Learners, economically disadvantaged and special education students. The Program Audit also identifies gaps in sequential K–12 class offerings, identification of schools with low student participation and/or retention, identification of schools that do not offer music, and insight into the challenges/barriers that schools face in offering equitable access to quality music education.

Instrument Inventory Audit

The Instrument Inventory Audit provides a detailed assessment of musical instrument supply and demand district-wide. Audit results allow for districts to understand which schools are in the greatest need of musical instruments to serve all interested students. Additionally, the audit identifies unused instruments at schools so that these instruments can be transferred to schools in need, maximizing the district’s inventory resources.


Throughout the execution of MEDSS services, MHOF provides customized consultation for each district’s specific needs. Districts often request MHOF consultation for strategic planning, program implementation, program sustainability, music teacher retention, music program scheduling, instrument repairs and musical instrument inventory.