In 2005, Music Rising was launched to rescue the musical culture of the Central Gulf region of the US from the destruction caused by the catastrophic hurricanes Katrina and Rita, by replacing the musical instruments lost or destroyed in the deluge. Co-founded by U2’s the Edge and legendary producer Bob Ezrin, the organization continues to aid schools affected by natural disasters nationwide.

In facing the devastation, loss, and emotional turmoil brought on by tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes, schools are not spared, and Music Rising is there in the aftermath to aid students and schools return to a normal life and routine. Restoring school music programs after this trauma is especially urgent, as playing music can bring a sense of community, healing and joy to kids who need this reassurance.

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation administers the fund and works with schools requesting our help, replacing instruments and supplies lost and damaged by the disaster. More than $3.3 million worth of instruments have been donated, helping to restore music programs in over 100 schools over 17 years.

We are now raising funds to help schools in the path of the recent hurricanes and fires – they need you.

Schools seeking disaster relief are eligible if:

  • Timely replacement of instruments and supplies via insurance or FEMA is not an option
  • School had an established music program prior to the disaster
  • School is scheduled to reopen in the near future either at the original school campus or a temporary location
  • School has an adequate location for music classes and rehearsal, and safe, secure storage for instruments
  • School has a music teacher in place
  • School is able to verify that the need for instruments is to replace those lost as a direct result of the disaster or to serve additional students who came from another school after evacuation

Schools in need of disaster relief assistance can email, or call 818-762-4328.

Before and after - W.L. Abney Elementary, Slidell LA.
New guitars for Diplomat Middle School students in Cape Coral FL.
Big smiles at Raul C. Martinez Elementary School in Houston TX.


July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018
  $100,000 and above
CMA Foundation
  $10,000 – $99,999
Cotter Charitable Foundation
David Evans
  $1,000 – $9,999
All Saints Episcopal Day School
The Energy Corridor of Houston Orchestra
Kelton Fund
McCabe’s Guitar Shop
  $250 – $999
Derek Allinson
Armanino Foundation
Jan and Dan Black
Harold Bronson
David Cagle
Chariho High School
Conestoga Valley High School
Loretta and Jonathan Cook
Cooper Junior High Patriot Band
Mary Anne Cummins
Thomas Daurel
Sam Gossner
Anne Elizabeth Helle
Edward Rogers
Doug A. Tatum
Michael Watson
Robert and Gina Young
Perry Yung
Zoo Station Entertainment
  Up to $249
Lessley Adams
Rachel Alexander
Tracy Anderson
Carolyn Andre
Laura Baker
Jordan Barney
Allison Beck
Patricia Belka
Marnie Bethel
Diane Bigelow
Myles Blakemore
Lisa Blanchard
Stephen Blanchard
Robert Blanton
Taylor Blanton
Megan and Nathaniel Blume
William C. Briggs
Michael Broderick
Mark Bryson
Theresa Buckley
Donna Budenski
Joseph Buono
Debra Burgess
Kelly Callan
Vivian and Dan Carroll
Joseph Castelli
Jill Cazaubon
Jim Chute
Jami Cimbalo
Cassie Cloud
Monty Colvin
Jessica Connelly
Devin Cooper
Norman Cooper
Greg Cowan
Kari Cunningham-Rosvik
Catherine Cunningham
Toby Curry
Kathryn Dauenbaugh
Brenda H. Dearman
David DeVilbiss
Stephen Dickerson
Rick Diehm
Jan Dow
Shaughn Dowd
Leslie Duncan
Patrick Sheane Duncan
Kelly Eddington
Alexis Edwards
Daniel Einhaus
James Ellis
Mallory Essig
Joel Evans
Susan Fisher
Robyn Folmar
Melodye Foust
Lee Friend
Roberta Garland
Riley Giampaolo
Candace Girard
Victoria Goodspeed
David Greene
Scott Gronek
Mary Guthrie
Hadassah Group LLC
Lisa Ann Hallen
Marc Hanna
Teresa and Alan Harkey
Margaret Harter
Larry Harvey
Robin Hasenpflug
Rebecca Allinson and H. William Hawkes, Jr.
Quay Hays
Kevin Hayward
Natalia Hernandez
Andy Heyward
Kristi Higgins
Steve Hochman
Kit Holmes
Scott Holtzman
Steven Housewright
Mona Hudak
Karen Hunter
Robert Israel
Dale Janus
Kathryn Johnson
Karen Jordan
Irene Kato
Lisa Katz
Kilpatrick Advisors
William Kirkpatrick
Knell StudioWorks
Jennifer Kraier
Geoffrey Lapin
Tracy and Phil LaRocque
Genevieve Laukkonen
Hanson Lee
Allen Lenard
Ben Levinson
Fulton Loan Office
Summer Lopez
Lowell Exchange Inc.
Ryan MacGavin
Margo MacVicar-Whelan
Rocky Mafrige
Eta Rho chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota
Dona Martin
Erynn Bear Mateja
Jeff McCoach
Betty McDonald
Maureen McKay
Keith Meek
Elaine Menke
Sarah Mercer
Maja Miletich
Matthew Miller and Vyvyan Tenorio
Montgomery Country Concert Band
Michael Mountain
Lance Mueller
Kathleen Murmuys
James Naughton
Jim Nicolai
Beate Nilsen
James Nova
Kurt O’Brien
Cynthia O’Connor
Rob O’Dwyer
Suzanne Oehler
Gilles Olscamp
Randee Olson
Christian Orr
Dana Palumbi
Renee Perrault
Norman Plemons
Ursula Post
Arla R. Prestin
Karen Rettner
Jan Rhees
Artie Ripp
Jesus Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez
Leslie Rogoff
Sophie Romero
Rovner Products
Sethapong Ruangtip
Joel Sands
Michele Santoro
Aaron Sarnat
Ivan Schwarz
Susan Sherman
Eric Shivvers
Scott Silberstein
Erica Silverman
Rita Simonian
Elizabeth Skipper
Kathleen Skubik
Michael Sobeck
Lynn Sokolow
Amanda Stewart
Colleen M. Sullivan
Moises Szarf
Erica Talley
Bob Tanner
Stanley Tartakov
Danny Tedesco
Heidi Toboni
Michelle Tomasch
Daniel Tomasello
John Vera
Sergio A. Vera
Michael Joseph Voice
Kim Waggoner
Mark Wagner
James White
Taffy and John Williams
Jeremy Wilson
Craig Wood
Katrina Wreede
Leyla Yildiz
Susan Zarit
Joni Zurawinski
  Instrument Donors
Simon Kirke
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