In partnership with school districts committed to the process, The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation provides Music Education District Support Services (MEDSS™) to enhance and sustain quality, sequential music education programs in their schools.

In response to a clear need, after 22 years of working in over 700 school districts across the country, we recognized some of the widespread, yet manageable challenges facing district leadership and administration in making music education accessible for all students district-wide. MHOF created a menu of services to help address these issues and provide practical, strategic solutions resulting in successful music education programs district-wide.

MEDSS™ provides a deeper understanding of:
  • the current state of music education at every school throughout the district
  • identification of schools in need of support
  • gaps in equitable and sequential K – 12 class offerings
  • identification of the types of support that would make the greatest impact for students
  • current and potential challenges
Services are customized to each district’s needs. Options include:
Program Audit

MHOF’s Program Audit provides a detailed assessment of K – 12 in-school music education on a district-wide level, as well as within specific feeder patterns. The Audit evaluates music education accessibility for students, gaps in sequential K – 12 class offerings, identification of schools with low music program student participation and/or retention, identification of schools that do not offer in-school music programs and identification as to the challenges/barriers schools face in offering quality, in-school music education.

Instrument Inventory Audit

MHOF’s Instrument Inventory Audit assists districts in the collection and administration of district-wide musical instrument inventory lists for each school. Additionally, (or if a district already administers inventory lists) MHOF compares the current inventory to the Instrument Inventory Audit results in order to identify areas of need throughout the district.

Community Engagement

MHOF promotes, at both the local and national levels, the goals and achievements of music education within each district. MHOF facilitates community engagement by hosting and managing city-wide instrument drives that benefit the school district, conducting school board presentations that recognize their support for music education, producing a school instrument donation event, and highlighting music education in the district through MHOF’s social media, newsletter, e-blasts, and other outlets.

Professional Development

MHOF hosts an instrument repair workshop led by a certified repair technician where music teachers learn how to conduct basic, simple repairs in the classroom. Teachers also learn best practices for maintenance of the various types of instruments to extend the life of their school’s inventory. Participating teachers are given an instrument repair toolkit for use in their classroom courtesy of MHOF.


Throughout the execution of MEDSS™ services, MHOF provides individualized consultation for each district’s specific needs. Districts often request MHOF consultation with regard to strategic planning, program implementation, program sustainability, music teacher retention, music program scheduling, instrument repairs and musical instrument inventory.

We welcome inquiries from school districts interested in working with MHOF to implement MEDSS™. Contact Hannah Scott-Persson at