Holiday Cards

Each card you purchase will help to put an instrument into a child's hands in the new year!

  • Each order requires a minimum of 12 cards with a minimum $5 donation per card
  • Fax this order form to 818-643-2463 or email to, or
  • Call Natalia at our office 818-762-4328 to place your order
Thank you and happy holidays!


Joy to Their World

     Message inside:

To celebrate the joy of the holidays and to keep music alive in our schools,
a donation has been made in your honor to The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.
By putting instruments into children's hands, the foundation strengthens
music education and gives kids a voice through playing music.

May your holidays and new year be filled with harmony.

What Comes from the Heart (Limited Quantity)

     Message inside:

With heartfelt wishes for a joyous holiday, a contribution has been made to
The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation in your honor.

This donation will keep music alive in our schools and give many students the
opportunity to play an instrument.


(inside left)


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